Political Correctness and the Kindler, Gentler Army

Although I had heard combat veterans and POG’s alike complain that the U.S. military is too P.C., I basically disregarded them. Thinking of them as  backwards until recently. The way I see it, there are a few problems with making your military politically correct.

A military is a tool you use to crush and bend the will of an enemy nation in order to further your, or like-minded individuals, goals. Let’s be honest here, as much as we’d like to as a nation we don’t usually get people to change their mind through structured debated or economic sanctions. The United States, gets you to change your mind by devastating your country using carefully placed, 2000 pound, laser guided, arguments dropped from the sky and by filling your country to the gills with well trained and armed debaters. In order to  create this effective fighting force, the United States has dedicated huge amounts of time and money to training and arming them.

So here’s the deal, a large part of being a part of a military is getting rid of the habit of thinking as an individual. You are part of a team and you are no longer ‘you’ when you join the military. Now let’s say Private Snowflake joins the United States military, and when he is in basic training someone calls him a faggot. Of course he is offended, but Private Snowflake joined the military to serve his country, or something like that, and understands that sometimes in life people will say things you don’t like, but that doesn’t mean you should file a lawsuit because of it. Before political correctness showed its ugly face in the military, if Private Snowflake was offended he would move on and forget it because if he didn’t he would be damaging to the team. Nowadays, if Private Snowflake is offended, he can get his peers and superiors demoted, ‘fined’, or kicked out of the military entirely.

The military is not a place to be an individual, to identify as whatever, or to be coddled like you would in your everyday life by every stupid sap willing to bend to your will because you feel like your penis shouldn’t be there for some reason. Also, here’s a kicker, there should be absolutely no women in the military at all. Fun fun fun.


One thought on “Political Correctness and the Kindler, Gentler Army

  1. Emily Hoyt says:

    Alden Snowflake, huh? I agree with your point of view because keeping your individualism would eventually weaken the force as a whole. Women in the military isn’t a bad idea, but keeping them off the front lines should be custom due to the circumstances. Saying that they should be excluded entirely is a bit of a stretch.


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