Wanting to go to War is Edgy


As Joker famously once said “I wanted to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill!” I was talking to Jim today, and I told him I wanted to go fight in a war. I’ll probably change my mind after I’ve had the experience, but right now I’m itching to go(Edgy as that sounds). I think deep down most teenagers want to go run around with guns, drive giant indestructible machines, and generally have a great time with a bunch of other kids. Hell, a lot of veterans say there’s no high like getting shot at and they miss it. I think it sounds exciting.

Being 18, you’re pretty much indestructible. You can get into car accidents, drink yourself into oblivion and be fine the next morning, and generally just be an idiot with little to no consequences. So naturally, you want to go shoot guns, blow stuff up, and cause mayhem wherever you go. I don’t necessarily want to shoot anybody, but the idea of being in a war is exciting. The idea of war is stupid, but the idea of being in one is exciting to me. Flawless logic. I certainly hope I’m not alone in this thought( I must not be considering how many people joined the infantry)

I remember telling my parents I was going to join the Army and their immediate response was what job are you going to do( excluding infantry), and when I told them infantry they just about lost it. When they asked why; I said I wanted to go shoot and blow stuff up, get shot at and shoot at people, and just generally live the classic military experience. DUH. They thought that was pretty stupid and said they could shoot me if I wanted to see what it was like. I’m a pretty considerate person so I declined that offer. I know being in the military isn’t as glorious and fun as people say it is; chances are I’m going to be sitting in garrison for a couple years doing nothing but training and busy work. Even though that’s safe, I’d be really disappointed if I didn’t get to fight.  I know, super weird, but it’s just a thing.


2 thoughts on “Wanting to go to War is Edgy

  1. Emily Hoyt says:

    “I’m a pretty considerate person so I declined that offer.”
    It’s a good thing that we have such quality people like you… I’m happy you explained in depth more on how edgy you are; it helps me be a more thoughtful individual.


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