Race, it’s the Most Important Thing in Your Life

No matter what political party you belong to, you’re guilty of pandering to people who think like you about race. In modern America, race decides everything. It determines whether or not you get a job(Affirmative Action), it decides whether or not the man who shot you while you were beating him to death is guilty or not, and it decides how ignorant people(from the left and from the right) are going to look at you for the rest of your life.

If you are a person of color, or you practice a religion(that isn’t christianity), Democrats see you as a meal ticket. You’re their number one way to get voted into office. They pander to you, lie to you, and make you feel as though you are a victim in a mass conspiracy perpetrated by all American people who are white, who are rich, or who are christian. Those rich, white, christian devils are keeping you down, oppressing you with microaggressions, lower wages, and by not hiring you(Affirmative Action took care of that, even if you’re less qualified). Thanks to Democrats, you no longer have to work to make money, you no longer have to try in school to pass, and if you’re loud, obnoxious, and worthless they’ll welcome you with open arms into top colleges without regards to race8.(Or you could take the easy way out and join the Army, either way) When you don’t get your way as an adult, or as a child, thousands of people will flock around you and riot for your cause. They’ll force those white christian devils out of their positions of power and put someone less qualified there who is willing to capitalize on your ignorance and inability to cope with reality. Democrats will make it so you don’t get shot when you beat a police officer over the head with his own weapon. Democrats want to keep you on welfare forever, and keep you voting Democrat. Democrats, Democrats, Democrats. It sounds like a pretty good deal, but unfortunately because I’m white I don’t qualify for all of this pampering. When I say something stupid or racist I’m persecuted and fire, while people of color can attend Black Power marches. When I beat a police officer with his own firearm, I get shot. I’m not religious, but when people say Christians are also persecuted people boo and hiss.

Republicans look at you as a nuisance. You raise their taxes, loot and destroy Los Angeles, Ferguson,  and Detroit, and commit all of the crime in the United States. Republicans lie to you, pander to you, and think of you as instigators who murder white, Christian people. The GOP is full of racists who want to put you in prison for five years for smoking pot once. The GOP wants you to starve instead of receiving a small amount of welfare until you’re back on your feet.

What the U.S. needs is impartial leadership that wants the best for it’s citizens. We can’t keep having riots and racial tension because one side panders and one side imprisons.


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