A Serious Dilemma For U.S. All


So here’s the deal. I give all the respect due to the President of my country in almost all situations, even if I am quite critical of them, but the problem I have is I can’t imagine serving or respecting any of the current candidates.

I don’t want a reality T.V. star with a comb over, an old communist stuck in the 60’s, or a jilted criminal(Even if she is the first woman president), I want an intelligent, motivated, impartial President who gets business done with no B.S. Unfortunately that’s a pipe dream at this point. I can’t imagine walking into the voting booth and confidently selecting a name without any regrets with the list of current candidates.

I hate to call myself an independent, but it’s the group I identify with the most, even though a lot of them are nutjobs. Hell, most everyone in politics is a nutjob. Most Republicans  I’ve met live in the South, which I can’t abide by, and most Democrats live in California and work for Mom’s Demand Action(I.E. they are sensationalists).

Democrats want to legislate my life, let me know they are morally superior, police my thoughts, monitor everything I do, pick my pocket,  increase the power of the government, and generally vex me. Republicans want to monitor everything  I do and leave me alone.

I don’t hate Mexicans like the left says I do, I just want them to come here legally. I don’t want a country with open borders and bedlam from immigrants like the Right says I do,  I just want people to come here legally.

Each side makes their opponents out to be morons, the Left likes to call you a racist, and divide the country in two. I think that the American people should come together and as a group find a competent and strong President that is capable of upholding the greatest country on Earth, Russia is okay too. We need someone who will build the republic and make nationalism and patriotism swell without breaking it apart.


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