According to Wikipedia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events. It’s usually suffered by survivors of sexual assault, such as violent rape, or war veterans. It makes sense that if you’re spending every day thinking that there is a really good chance you are going to be liquified by an IED there could be some mental strain, but now you can develop PTSD if someone is mean to you on the internet.

Meet Melody Hensley, apparently she developed PTSD after years of people making fun of her on the internet. Let’s get some things straight. First of all, she is a third wave feminist. Third wave feminism is the idea that all men should be killed/enslaved, there are millions of genders, men are women and women are men, you can think you are a tiger and not be put in looney-bin, you can be born the wrong race, schizophrenia is fun, and aborting your son because he isn’t your daughter is okay. Now that we have that straightened out, let’s analyze why some people on the internet might not agree with her. The number one reason people disagree is as simple as this, they aren’t clinically insane. Third-wave feminism truly does a disservice to women, gay men, and lesbian women by marginalizing them and by comparing their plight to that of the mentally ill. Let me make something clear, having someone call you a bulking, unintelligent, waste of absurdly abundant air is nothing compared to getting shot at or surviving rape, but good ol’ Smellody truly believes she is suffering from PTSD on par with that of war veterans. I want you to think about this for one minute, if you aren’t fuming by the time you mull it over you should probably join her in her hugbox.

The funniest thing about this is that she, and many other third-wave feminists, were appalled when war veterans and rape survivors came out in force to tell her how stupid she was. Please, for the love of god all of you out there do not end up like this lady. Please.


8 thoughts on “Smellody

  1. trentonbb says:

    I also believe that PTSD has to be from a traumatic event and not just something that bothered you. Sure, you may have fits because of those memories, but PTSD is a serious diagnosis and it can’t be thrown around willy nilly.


  2. addie says:

    I agree, PTSD and that are not comparable, nor can internet comments imitate the shock and pain that comes with physical abuse, or dangerous situations within the military. That type of thinking however, should be expected by someone as ignorant as her.

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  3. gagachacha says:

    Alden, your think tank is more like a think journal. I like how you acknowledge that PTSD is an actual thing that needs to be attended to, it can’t be just looked at as if it’s just them recalling a bad memories.


  4. MwikeyMann says:

    In all seriousness i’ve never met (ie come face to face) with a feminist. So i can hide in the little corner of my bedroom and hope to our all mighty and glorious lord allah and think that these women are just part of a running joke. Which in the grand scheme of things they are.


  5. MwikeyMann says:

    you said that the war vets and other victims of traumatic events bashed on her. I hope that they fully conveyed how wrong she is. Because comments of the internet isn’t traumatic nor is it hurtful.


  6. kalebfowler says:

    I think that there is an equal amount of shock towards all survivors of PTSD. Some might have different situation. I don’t think that you should go towards the internet for opinions that doesn’t seem to be very ideal for the topics you or anyone else is trying to discuss.


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