Water Sampling WIth The Class

Although we’ve done it many times, collecting data about Paradise Creek never gets old.
Yesterday we headed down to the regular site and collected chemical, physical and habitat data that will help professionals analyze and determine the water quality\heal of our creek. Pretty great day besides the whole parasites trying to suck your blood thing. Seriously, there were enough leeches there to keep doctors from the dark ages in business for years. Thanks to IdaH2O for helping us out with the project and thanks to Matt for letting us get hands on with science. Not a bad way to spend a day.


4 thoughts on “Water Sampling WIth The Class

  1. gagachacha says:

    This sounded really fun, it was great that I was also there so I also experienced it. Also, there were alot of leeches, reminds me of larry because of how succulent they are. I’m amazed that you actually managed to find a roach there aswell.


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