Privilege and You


Privilege, also known as liberal guilt or delusion, is an imaginary force that rules all aspects of our lives and the lives of PoC(People of Color), women, gay men, lesbian women, and transvestites. Thanks to websites like Tumblr, Reddit, and people’s(Mostly pre-teen girls who feel the need to be a part of something to feel important because they have absolutely no special skills or drive to do anything significant or important) personal blogs, all sorts of human beings are accused of being privileged, racist, sexist, etc. Those who are not persecuted by these self-righteous, attention-seekers are the aforementioned minority groups.

Now that you know what privilege is, and who started the whole thing, let’s look at how it affects the lives of those poor people around us. We’ll start with people of color. Millions of african-american children are murdered every single day by white men with weapons of mass destruction just because they’re people of color. Take the case of Trayvon Martin, or Michael Brown, both were just innocent teenagers being teenagers and both the accused, Zimmeman and Wilson respectively, were not charged with murder after they shot these poor folk. Trayvon Martin was out in the streets of a gated community in Florida acting as a neighborhood watchman. He was attempting to keep the homes and cars of the his fellow neighbors, they were his neighbors even though he didn’t live there, by patrolling the streets and checking to see if they had left their house windows or car doors unlocked. George Zimmerman saw him and charged outside and immediately shot Trayvon Martin in the back without so much as a word. Witnesses described Zimmerman as a white nationalist with a swastika tattooed broadly across his forehead. Trayvon Martin was known as a ‘good boy’ who ‘dindu nuffin’, he often helped those around him and often ‘confiscated’ guns from their rightful owners so that they couldn’t go on mass shootings. Even though Zimmerman was obviously a murderer, his white privilege kept him out of prison. *Please ignore the fact that Zimmerman is actually hispanic and Trayvon Martin actually beat the everloving crap out of Zimmerman. Martin also said he was going to kill Zimmerman while beating him. Facts have been proven by Tumblr and Reddit to be racist*

Trayvon Martin being a good boy

Women and people with non-traditional sexualities are more persecuted than any other group of people in the entire world. Forget people in Africa who starve to death all the time, or if they are lucky die of malaria. Forget the millions of people who live in nations under the rule of a psychopath in the middle-east. Forget the men, women, and children who are being beheaded with dull machetes in Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and other countries by cartel members.

Absolutely none of these persecuted people have it as bad as women, or men who think they are women. Every day millions of these Americans are offended when you don’t use their pronouns correctly. Some have even resorted to self-harm and screeching in the streets to get the amount of attention they need to survive without ending their very insubstantial fulfilling and unimportant lies lives.


A typical example of white-guilt and delusion

 The moral of the story is if you ever feel privileged, you have to be a white male, you must self-flagellate until you can no longer stand or remain conscious. If you ever feel as though someone isn’t checking their privilege you should immediately call the police and ball your eyes out about it when they arrive on your doorstep.


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